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M.I.A. “Bad Girls” is Gangsta with a capital G.

M.I.A.’s videos are all pretty innovative. If you haven’t seen “Born Free” then you really haven’t seen a controversial video. “Bad Girls” is a good candidate for an M.I.A. interpretation of Dr. Dre’s “Still Dre”. She’s all hood with the sweats,the bling,the guns, and the crazy-driving with cars poppin’ hydraulics. The focus in many of her videos seems to become about gender and racial stereotypes, reinstating them and breaking them often simultaneously.

This video surfaced after Saudi Arabia was in the headlines for not  allowing women the right to drive. There was talk in Saudi Arabia that if the ban was lifted to allow women to drive there would be, “a surge in pornography, prostitution, homosexuality,and divorce.” Say what?? M.I.A. being big on political statements it’s not hard to wonder whether she worked with director Romain Gervais to throw her two cents in on the matter.

In “Bad Girls”, M.I.A. wants you to know she can go just as hard as other rapper/artists– just in her own way. And that women can drive and do anything a dude can do just as well. It’s cool to note  parts of her video that pay homage to hype themes rap artists use in their videos:

Throwing some major gats out there for you to see.


And more swag.

Watch the video!

photo credit: still frames from official video

background info credit on Saudi Arabia/driving law connection/quote to video: Lucy Jones —


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